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@williamempson (2012-2016) – a Twitter bot tweeting from the prose and poetry of William Empson
Post-Internet Poetry (2013-2016) – a tumblr of links, quotations, etc, as well as a collection of essays (some published elsewhere, most recently in The Poetry Review) and an annotated bibliography.


Dave Coates – Sabotage
Sophie Collins – Review31
Tony Williams – Stride Magazine

Reviews/Essays (by work discussed)

Rachael Allen, 4chan Poems (unpublished) – The Missing Slate
Rachael Allen, Faber New Poets 9 (Faber) – Sabotage
Polly Atkin, Shadow Dispatches (Seren) – Under The Radar 12
Siegfried Baber, When Love Came to the Cartoon Kid (Telltale Press) – Under the Radar 16
John Barron, The Nail Forge (tall-lighthouse) – Under The Radar 13
Alex Bell and John Canfield ed., Cold Fire: Poetry inspired by David Bowie – Sabotage
Emily Berry ed., The Best British Poetry 2015
Emily Berry, Stingray Fevers (tall-lighthouse), Dear Boy (Faber) – Poetry International Web
Adrian Buckner, Bed Time Reading (Leafe Press) – Under The Radar 9
Sue Butler, Arson (Happenstance) – Sphinx Review
Harry Burke, ed., I Love Roses When They’re Past Their Best (Test Centre) – republished in Notes on Metamodernism and in Queen Mob’s Tea House
Niall Campbell, After the Creel Fleet (Happenstance) – Under The Radar 10
Brendan Cleary, Face (Pighog) – Dr Fulminare’s Irregular Features
Jane Commane and Jo Bell, ed., Maps and Legends (Nine Arches Press) – Sabotage
Michael Conley, Aquarium (Flarestack) – Under the Radar 14
Jude Cowan Montague, The Groodoyals of Terre Rogue (Dark Windows Press) – Dr Fulminare’s Irregular Features
Sarah Crewe, flick invicta (Oystercatcher) – Sabotage
Claire Crowther, Mollicle (Nine Arches Press)
Sarah Dawson, Anatomically Correct Sketches of Marine Animals (self-published)
Megan Fernandes, Organ Speech (Corrupt Press) – Sabotage
Mark Ford, ed., Best British Poetry 2014 (Salt)
SJ Fowler, {Enthusiasm} (Test Centre) – Sabotage
Matthew Gregory, ‘A Room in Taiwan, 2010’, Poetry Review Winter 2012
Nathan Hamilton, ed., Dear World & Everyone In It (Bloodaxe)
Maggie Hannan, Liar, Jones (Bloodaxe)  – Poetry Review
Thomas Hardy, ‘National Service’ – Times Literary Supplement
Morgan Harlow, Midwest Ritual Burning (Eyewear) – Under The Radar 11
Emily Hasler, Natural Histories (Salt) – Sabotage
Kirsten Irving, What To Do (Happenstance) – Under The Radar 9
Luke Kennard, Cain (Penned in the Margins) – The Literateur
Luke Kennard, Planet-Shaped Horse (Nine Arches Press)
Katharine Kilalea, ‘Hennecker’s Ditch’
John Kinsella, Armour (Picador)
Matt Kirkham, Aged Fourteen My Grandfather Runs Away To Sea (Templar)
Caleb Klaces, All Safe All Well (Flarestack) – Under The Radar 9
Ruth Larbey, Funglish (Nine Arches Press)
Dorothy Lehane, Hunters (Annexe) – Sabotage
Roddy Lumsden, ed., Best British Poetry 2011 (Salt)
Roddy Lumsden, ed., Best British Poetry 2013 (Salt)
Diane Marie, ‘i wrote a poem dedicated to god that i considered extremely disrespectful’ (self-published) – Sabotage
Harry Man, Lift (tall-lighthouse) – Under The Radar 13
Amber Massie-Blomfield, The Audience Member (Annexe) – Sabotage
Roy Marshall, Gopagilla (Crystal Clear Creators) – Under The Radar 10
Richie McCaffery, Spinning Plates (Happenstance) – Under The Radar 10
Richard Moorhead, The Word Museum (Flarestack) – Under the Radar 14
Theresa Muñoz, Close (Happenstance) – Sphinx Review
Charlotte Newman, Selected Poems (Annexe) – Sabotage
Daniele Pantano, Mass Graves: City of Now (Knives Forks and Spoons) – Sabotage
Sam Riviere, 81 Austerities (Faber)
Sam Riviere, kim kardashian’s marriage (self-published) – Sabotage
Sam Riviere, Kim Kardashian’s Marriage (Faber) – The Quietus
Steve Roggenbuck, E.E. Scott, Rachel Younghans, ed., The Yolo Pages (boost house)
Steve Roggenbuck, E.E. Scott, Rachel Younghans, ed., The Yolo Pages (boost house) – Hotel
Mark Russell, Pursued by Well-Being (tall-lighthouse) – Under The Radar 13
Mark Rutter, Basho in Acadia (Flarestack) – Under The Radar 16
Christopher Salvesen, Crossing The Border (Harpercroft)
Michael C Schuller, The Histories (Annexe) – Sphinx Review
Milou Stella, Meander (Annexe) – Sabotage
Anne Stevenson, Astonishment (Bloodaxe) – Under The Radar 11
Aly Stoneman, Lost Lands (Crystal Clear Creators) – Under The Radar 10
Chimène Suleyman, Outside Looking On (Influx Press) – Sabotage
Claire Trévien, Low-Tide Lottery (Salt)
David Underdown, Time Lines (Cinnamon Press)
Charles Wilkinson, Ag & Au (Flarestack) – Dr Fulminare’s Irregular Features
Chrissy Williams, Flying Into The Bear (Happenstance) – Under The Radar 12
Chrissy Williams, The Jam Trap (Soaring Penguin) – Sabotage
Eley Williams, Sketch (Annexe) – Sabotage
Tony Williams, All The Rooms Of Uncle’s Head (Nine Arches Press) – Sabotage